Neurolingual Reviews

“It has become quite apparent to me that subconscious mind plays a huge role in our life since the moment I had started using neurolingual.

The course is so beautifully designed that nobody needs to put any effort to get the best essence of American English.

In a nutshell, it’s awesome!”


“I have been listening to neurolingual audios for 15 days. When I first started listening, It was quite difficult for me to sit for one hour. But as I have grown to listen to them again and again, I started to enter deeper and deeper in to the sessions. After some time, I begun speaking English without any effort. I even started to think in English…”

First Language: Amharic

“I think that buying your product was the best thing I could make with 95.00 CA. Yes. I do think that!

… My son also bought the set because he is applying to study at Syracuse University next year. I am very happy with your product and let me know if you create something else .Congratulations”

All the best,
Silvia T. (PhD)

First Language: Spanish

“I love how neurolingual helped and is helping me reduce my accent. The audios are not like your traditional method to learn english, but it targets the subconscious…
It’s worth every penny!”


First Language: Filipino

“I’m just in session 3 and so far I feel more confident when speaking English.”

First Language: Arabic

“… I was somewhat both surprised and impressed to have been in a deep state of relaxation for the duration of the lesson, being over sixty minutes. It definitely had some impact – notably in the use of words containing the letter A. I was surprised to be sounding the letter A in words like bath, path, laugh, using the American accent, rather than the Australian accent which would have these words pronounced like barth, parth, largh. I’m suitably impressed and am looking forward to see what will transpire in a given amount of time.

I’m impressed to say the least.”

Jesse G.
First Language: Australian English

“I am happy to say that I am very satisfied and happy with the audios and I have been listening to audio 1, and I feel it will help me with the American accent the more I listen to it.

As you know, I don’t like the British accent and I much prefer the Standard American Accent and I feel I have made the right purchase in buying this program as it’s so different from most courses.

I strongly feel the more I relax and listen to the audios, the American accent will be integrated into my sub-conscious mind and muscle memory, and in time, my voice resonance, pronunciation, intonation and accent will change and I will begin to sound like a natural born native speaker from the USA who really speaks with a general American accent.

Thank you once again for your help.”

First Language: British English

“Thus far, which has been just a couple of days, I find that the audios are helping me very much! I do two audios a day. I am already starting to feel more confident with my English. When I talk to people, it is as if the audio is on and I am copying the sounds and intonation of the person talking in the audios. Also, they help you to be relaxed and calm… Thank you!”

First Language: Spanish

“This is amazing!

I onboarded a week ago and I feel a shift. The great thing is the relaxation part, I use the recording prior going to bed and it is an added bonus.”



First Language: French

“I am very satisfied with your program, especially person like me who studied and worked in the US but non native English speaker.”



First Language: Korean

“So far, it’s been great. It has really helped me to relax and when I do, I even dream about everything is said in the audio I’m listening to.

It has really helped me to improve my accent, though I don’t have such a strong accent, and I love it so far.

Thank you so much!!”


First Language: Spanish

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