What is Neurolingual™ ?

Neurolingual is dedicated to research and development of advanced methods and techniques in language learning.

The Neurolingual’s mission is to not only devise methods that accelerate the process of learning but also make sure that you speak exactly like the native speakers.

Most conventional classes and courses focus on the rules of grammar and the breakdown of the language. This reductionist approach may actually hurt your fluency of the language. While having a great vocabulary and grammar can help you with your writing skills, constant focus on following the rules of language actually makes your speech sound unnatural and foreign.

Many non-native speakers spend incredible amount of time learning the rules of grammar and proper ways to make sentences. And yet, their spoken English sounds broken and foreign.



Knowing the rules of language doesn’t make you fluent, the same way that being a mechanic doesn’t make you a great driver.

What truly impacts your life and your acceptance in society is your accent and fluency.

It’s no secret that people naturally feel closer to those who talk like them.

Neurolingual provides the shortest and the most effective path to achieving better accent and fluency.

The Neuroligual techniques are not only unique, but also pragmatic. They are not based on theoretical discussions and the analysis of the language. They are about getting results.

Brain Plasticity

There is plenty of scientific research proving that the human brain can change and rewire at any age.

However, this change has to happen in a certain way. Certain conditions should be present to allow your brain to rewire and adjust to a new environment.

Once proper conditions are created, your brain can make drastic changes and achieve tasks that would seem impossible.

Neurolingual™ applies advanced methods and techniques to use the power of the human brain for language learning, fluency, and better accent.

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