Affiliates Signup Instructions

Spread the word, help others improve their English, and get rewarded along the way!

You can become our affiliate in few simple steps and start earning commission right away. Currently, we use both Clickbank™ and our own affiliate program. That means more convenience for you!

Please choose which affiliate program you’d like to use and the instructions will appear.

For Affiliates Not Using Clickbank

To sign up for an affiliate account, go to Affiliate Sign Up Page. Once your application is approved, you'll get access to an affiliate account where you can get your affiliate link and start promoting our products and earn commission.

Follow these Simple Steps (For Affiliates Using ClickBank):

  1. Go to Clickbank to Signup as an affiliate. Here's the link :
  2. Click on "CREATE ACCOUNT" on the top menu.
  3. During the account creation you will choose a nickname, let's say mynickname for example.
  4. Now, all you have to do is to use the link to promote the product. Every time someone uses that link and makes a purchase, a commission will be deposited into your Clickbank account, which you can later cash out.

For example, when you sign up, if you pick the nickname "juliaff" for your affiliate account, then your promotion link will be (Note that this is an example. You should use your own nickname)

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